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What You Cared About in 2016

- January 10, 2017 by Trisha Rule (View all posts by Trisha)

As we jump into January, we can’t help but reflect. So, we take a look back at our most popular blog posts from 2016. During the last 12 months, ICW Group’s mySafetynews blog published articles on topics ranging from sit-stand desks to technology distractions. If you missed them the first time around, don’t worry.

Without further ado, here are your most popular mySafetynews posts from 2016. Stay tuned for more tips and resources!

  1. Techniques in Training – 20 Minutes of Blindness = A Lifetime Worth of Lessons Most people take for granted having two functional eyes, but most have never experienced what life would be like without their vision.  Read how to employ blindness simulation technique in your next safety meeting.
  2. Is Sit-Stand Right for Your Workspace? The sit-stand work surface trend is not a new idea, but it has become an increasingly popular  topic in offices around the country. Read this to find out if its right for you.
  3. Staying Safe Through the “Pokémon Go” Craze In the midst of the latest Pokémon Go craze, we thought it appropriate to share a post from 2014 about technology distractions.
  4. Techniques in Trainings – Eye Saving Blindness Drill When seconds mean the difference between blindness and normal vision, it can be permanently disastrous when an employee wastes time scrambling around in a darkened panic for the eyewash station. Read this to learn effective way of training employees to blindly locate first aid equipment during an emergency.
  5. Winter is Here – Preventing Slips & Falls in Cold, Wet Conditions We provide you where slips and falls usually occur, and some actionable preventative steps to take.
  6. Techniques in Training: Enforcing Ladder Safety Rules Ladders are found in nearly every workplace and are consistently a leading cause of workplace injuries. Learn best practices to enforce safety rules on your jobsite.
  7. A Culture of Safety Comes From the Heart, Not From OSHA Standards OSHA standards vs. employee’s well-being. Read this to learn how to give employee’s peace of mind regardless of enforceable OSHA standards for a better workplace.
  8. Work Desk Assessment Podcast – Part 2 Do you know to properly set up computer monitors, keyboards and lighting at the work station? This podcast discusses how to recognize when employees are uncomfortable at their workstation, and when to step in with an ergonomics assessment.
  9. Respirator Mastery: Voluntary vs. Required Use Learn more about the critical decision point in respirator use that gets many employers in trouble with OSHA. Beware that making the wrong decision can result in employee injury or illness!
  10. Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses vs. Safety Glasses and Goggles – Are your Employees Getting a False Sense of Safety Do you notice employees wearing prescription eyewear or sunglasses? While these employees may think their eyes are protected from flying wood chips or other dangerous debris—they’re not. Read this to learn more.

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