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What Would You Do? Creating an IIPP

- January 17, 2019 by Robert Harrington (View all posts by Robert)

Jeff, the owner of the company, stops by the office of Celia, the company’s HR representative.

“Celia I know you have only been here for three months, but I was just contacted by a government agency and they would like us to have a completed Injury Illness Prevention program and additional procedures for the type of work we do,” said Jeff.

Celia looked up from her desk and asked “Do we have anything started I can go off from?”

“You may want to check the filing cabinets from your predecessors,” replied Jeff.

Celia gets up from her desk and looks through the cabinet for any work that has been completed. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the records or in the computer.

Celia walks to Jeff’s office and pokes her head in.

“Jeff I have no idea where to begin,” said Celia. “We have nothing on file or in the computer. Where do I go to get the information on what we need to fill out and where do I start? Is there anyone else that can assist me on this?”

“Well, Celia, you are in charge of safety. Why don’t you Google it and get started?” said Jeff.

Celia confused, sits down at her desk and begins to search “Injury Illness Prevention program.” There are so many web pages and ads for them it only makes her head hurt even more.

Injury Illness Prevention Programs

Celia has a limited amount of time and from what she gathered from Jeff, little to no budget to ask for help. Celia wants to do the right thing for the employees to keep them safe and understands that having clear policies and procedures will help move the company in the right direction for safety.

She can copy an IIPP off the internet but how does she know if it will work? As she begins to jot down ideas on her notepad she notices a stack of business cards, the company’s broker information and The name of the Work Comp Insurance company.

If you were Celia – what would you do?




Best Practices

  • Review the State regulatory sites for information regarding policy and procedures
  • Contact your agent or broker to see if they assist with services and at what cost
  • Contact your insurance company to see if they also offer services to assist with the creation of the documents needed
  • Once you have compiled the information and formulated a plan discuss the scope of work with the upper management to see what type of addendum policies you also need to add to the IIPP
  • Obtain the forms from whichever lead you chose and begin to fill in the template information or if help from a third party is available review the content with them.
  • Take ownership of the policies and procedures and begin a top down review and rollout of the documents.
  • Once you have the plan in place, plan to review the documents annually or whenever a process or procedure is changed
  • Allow input from employees when amending the documents. Getting their buy-in will make your IIPP even stronger.