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Traveling for the Holidays? Safe Travels are Best Travels

- December 21, 2017 by Mike Pettit (View all posts by Mike)

According to AAA, Christmas and New Year’s holiday season is the busiest time to travel with approximately 103,000,000 estimated to have traveled in 2016. AAA also indicated the Thanksgiving holiday season is the second busiest time to travel with approximately 44,000,000 estimated to have traveled in 2012.

Coinciding with AAA, the United States Department of Transportation estimates 91% of long-distance travel (more than a 50-mile radius) is by personal vehicles. Depending on the distance traveled, motorists have two very distinct travel patterns:

      • For those traveling between 50 and 99 miles (44% of personal vehicle trips), more travel on Thursday than on Wednesday, and more return on Saturday than on Sunday.
      • For those traveling at least 100 miles away (56% of personal vehicle trips), trips are spread almost equally throughout the Wednesday through Sunday travel period.

In 2013, 343 motorists died on New Year’s Day, 360 died on Thanksgiving Day, and 88 died on Christmas Day. Alcohol-related fatalities was said to represent 31% of the totals.

Safe Holiday Travels

To assist in traveling safe during the holiday season, travelers are encouraged to incorporate the following safe driving tips:

        • Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road – check all fluid levels, air pressure in the tires, clean the windshield, check the brakes, etc. – if you are unsure how to properly inspect your vehicle, have it serviced by a qualified mechanic
        • Be prepared for heavy traffic, as well as potential poor weather
        • Make sure every vehicle occupant is properly buckled in
        • Do not drive distracted – turn the cell phone off and put it away, preferably in the glove box (it is estimated one-quarter of all crashes are due to distractive driving)
        • Schedule driving breaks and/or rotating drivers – fatigue plays a large factor in safe driving
        • If alcohol is being consumed, designate a driver to make sure everyone returns home safely

Safe Travels Are Best Travels

Traveling during the holiday seasons can be daunting – incorporating the above tips should help you safely get to and return from your holiday destinations.

Here at the ICW Group, we hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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