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Workplace Emergency Planning – Emergency Drills

- April 22, 2020 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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The purpose of emergency drills is to teach people how to respond versus react during a stressful time.   It prepares people to respond calmly, quickly and safely. Drills take the chaotic reactions out of stressful situations and replace them with …  Read more …

Emergency Exits – Don’t Block Your Path to Safety

- October 1, 2019 by Paula Tetrault (View all posts by Paula)
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I often have clients tell me, “We keep our exits clear,” at the beginning of a site tour only to find them blocked, locked, lined with gasoline containers, or with an exit path that is only 24 inches wide. That …  Read more …

Building a Flammable Storage Locker

- April 30, 2019 by Jason Rozar (View all posts by Jason)
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The need for flammable storage lockers can create a lot of questions for a company. Typical questions include: “What are the requirements for a flammable storage locker?” and “Can I build my own Flammable Locker from wood?” A flammable locker …  Read more …

Field and Equipment Fires During Harvest

- November 3, 2016 by Dan Heinen, ASP (View all posts by Dan)
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During harvest, Farmers hope for dry weather conditions to help insure a quick and timely harvest. But with dry conditions the chance of fire also greatly increases. Stalks, leaves and grain dust can build up and with a heat source …  Read more …

Smoke in the Field – Drivers in Rural Areas Need to be Aware

- October 31, 2016 by Dan Heinen, ASP (View all posts by Dan)
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As I watch the news, I see and hear about the dry conditions and wildfires out west and think, “Man, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that.” Then I heard the sirens, saw the fire trucks and smelled …  Read more …

Pallets – Are they creating a hazard in your business? Five Tips for Pallet Management

- February 24, 2016 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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Pallets are part of almost every business – they help us get product and supplies from one place to another quickly.  Unfortunately, poor pallet management can lead to injuries due to trips and falls, awkward postures, and sharp edges.  They …  Read more …