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Security – After Dark

- July 30, 2019 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

Even though we are midway through summer and it is light well into the evening, employers still need to remain vigilant about keeping employees safe after hours. Have you reviewed your site’s security lately?  Some things to routinely check are:

  • If you’re closed circuit cameras and televisions are working properly and pointed in the right direction.
  • If there is sufficient lighting in your parking lot both for the cameras and for visibility.
  • If employees use the buddy system when leaving the building.
  • If doors that can be locked from the outside are kept locked from the outside. Sometimes, hot weather leads to extra doors being propped open.

A good security practice is to stand by the door and scan the parking lot for anything unusual or out of place before you exit.  Once employees exit the building, remind them to be observant of their surroundings and not to be engrossed in their phone.  Upon reaching their vehicle, remind employees to lock the door and not to spend too much time in their vehicle before driving away, especially if they are parked in a public parking area!  The longer they remain in the vehicle before moving, the greater chance of a situation arising.

Best practice also include:

  • Having your local police department number posted in a conspicuous place and inform employees to call if they see anything unusual
  • Asking your local police department to conduct drive by’s of your building on a routine basis