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Safe Ladder Use in the Construction Trades

- April 21, 2016 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

At ICW Group alone, we received 1492 reported ladder related injuries since 2010.  Nearly 42% of those came from the specialty construction trades, and cost an average of $42,000 per claim. To help our customers control these costs, and improve their overall culture of safety, we conducted a ladder safety webinar that was tailored to team leaders, safety managers and employers in the construction and property management industries.

I want to pose the below questions/thoughts to get you thinking about this topic:

Frequency—the more times your team uses a ladder, the higher the chances of them falling. Are there any possible alternatives to a ladder that will lower this risk?

Likelihood—when  employees are working from ladders, what are the chances of an incident resulting in an injury? What steps can you take to lower the odds that a fall is going to occur?

If an incident occurs, what preventive steps have you put into place to limit the severity of  a potential fall?   While not ideal, a broken ankle is light years better than a broken neck.

In the webinar, I share solutions to the above questions and more. You can’t be expected to eliminate ladders from your industry, so learn some solutions to reduce your risk.