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Community guidelines

Our guidelines are simple, with this main focus: Respect the mySafetyNews.com community. We trust that you will be responsible. Our readers and contributors respect that trust. Please don’t abuse this trust.

Rules of the road

ICW Group reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to review and edit each submitted comment prior to approving and posting. However, we really don’t want to edit your comments at all! To help, here are some common-sense rules that we ask all to abide by in order to make this possible:

  • Make the community a richer place by sharing your experiences, ideas and insight.
  • Questions are encouraged. If you have one, others probably do too. Please feel free to ask so that we have the chance to clarify.
  • Be yourself. People will respect you more when you don’t hide behind a mask. Instead of using a online handle, such as RiskMan39, have the courage to be yourself.
  • Submit comments that pertain to the discussion at hand.
  • If you wish to submit a comment that isn’t about the current conversation, please use the Ask Us page.
  • Be constructive with your criticism. It’s OK if you don’t agree. Please be tolerant of others opinions.
  • Respect property. Don’t post intellectual property or content that you don’t own and don’t have permission to use. (See  Site disclaimer.)
  • We encourage a free discussion of topics and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. However, we don’t permit offensive comments.
  • mySafetyNews.com is not a shock-site. Please don’t ask us to post videos or other media that are rude, lewd or graphic in nature.
  • Predatory behavior will not be tolerated. Violations to our rules such as threats, harassment, intimidation, revealing other people’s personal information, etc. are taken very seriously. Anyone doing these things will be permanently banned from contributing.
  • Everyone hates spam. Don’t try to submit comments that contain misleading information, descriptions, links, unwanted or repetitive content, advertisements or job postings. We won’t approve them for posting anyway.
  • Do not upload, link to, transmit, or make available any content that contains a virus or any other malicious code or program.
  • Please let us know of any comment or discussion that you believe is objectionable, by contacting us at mysafetynews@icwgroup.com

ICW Group reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to review, approve, edit or delete any content that violates these community guidelines.  ICW Group further reserves the right to ban any from contributing to this site who violates these guidelines.