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Cold Weather (and Not Drinking Water) – Could Put You in Hot Water!

- February 28, 2019 by Asher Sweet (View all posts by Asher)

During the winter months and even into the spring, it’s often too cold to reach for that glass of water to keep ourselves hydrated. Many of us opt for coffee, tea or other adult beverages instead. But when you’re still outside working where the humidity is low or inside with a heater blowing – you inevitably create a dangerous recipe!

Your body sweats so that it can use evaporative cooling to reduce your body temperature. During the summer when it’s humid, we see the perspiration build. But, in the winter your sweat works more effectively and evaporates more quickly – reducing the odds of noticing it.  And people also don’t want to drink water because it may reduce our core temperature making us colder than we would like to be. This can quickly lead to dehydration and its dangerous side effects.

An easy way to combat this is to drink warm, but not hot beverages. This way you get the liquids but it won’t cool you down nor will it cause you to sweat. Another item to look at is making sure what your drinking can replace what’s lost in sweat. A personal favorite of mine is Russian Tea, which is instant tea, lemonade powder and various spices to help warm up after shoveling snow or working outside.