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Brian Piñon, CSP

Brian Piñon, CSP

Technical Specialist

Brian joined the ICW Group in 2015 and provides risk management services to policyholders in Northern California. Brian is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and holds the Associate in Risk Management designation (ARM) from the Insurance Institute of America. He specializes in ergonomic and same-level fall risk, leading a team within ICW to develop formal risk assessment tools and resources for consultants to use with policyholders.

Posts by Brian...

Does Body Mechanics Training Really Prevent Back Injuries?

October 2, 2019 by Brian Piñon, CSP Comments off

Manual materials handling is the risk exposure responsible for the highest share of claims costs among ICW policyholders. Historically, many employers have turned to body mechanics training to reduce injury frequency. What these employers don’t know is that study after …  Read more …

Having an Impact with Ergonomics

May 11, 2019 by Brian Piñon, CSP Comments off

Recently, a colleague asked me what safety topic I am most passionate about and without hesitation I answered ergonomics. Applying ergonomic training and controls can provide a unique opportunity to see an immediate and tangible impact on an individual’s well-being; …  Read more …

Same Level Fall Prevention Series Part IV: Floor Matting

July 19, 2018 by Brian Piñon, CSP No comments

Floor matting has long been recognized as an effective strategy to capture contaminants from footwear and provide an improved coefficient of friction near liquid sources. This blog will review the various types of matting and provide guidance for maximizing their …  Read more …

Ergonomic Risk for Housekeepers

July 12, 2018 by Brian Piñon, CSP No comments

Housekeepers are exposed to a variety of risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders. This blog will review common exposures and controls for reducing the risk of injury. Awkward Postures Housekeepers may be exposed to awkward postures like stooping and extended reaching while …  Read more …

Same Level Fall Prevention Series Part III: Slip-Resistant Footwear

May 15, 2018 by Brian Piñon, CSP No comments

The use of slip-resistant footwear is a common response to slippery conditions in the workplace. Part III in our Same Level Fall Prevention Series will cover the general effectiveness of this type of footwear, and program elements that will enhance …  Read more …

Same Level Fall Prevention Series Part II: Three Floor Cleaning Mistakes That are Working Against You

March 19, 2018 by Brian Piñon, CSP No comments

In my last blog, Floor Cleaning & Same Level Fall Risk, I highlight the impact floor cleaning procedures can have on the amount of friction your floor provides. Now that we know cleaning methods (and not just frequency) are worth …  Read more …