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November 2014

Airborne Contaminants: The Hazards Present

- November 17, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM (View all posts by Glen)
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In part two of my series on airborne contaminants, I will be reviewing the hazards associated with each contaminant. As a reminder, I discussed the five basic types of airborne contaminants – dust, fume, vapor mist, and gas – in …  Read more …

The Dreaded General Duty Clause

- November 10, 2014 by Jason Rozar (View all posts by Jason)
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I recently read about a company that accepted a fine under Section 5 of the OSH Act, better known as the General Duty Clause.  The general duty provisions are cited in inspections only when there are no specific standards applicable …  Read more …

Communication: The Most Important Tool

- November 7, 2014 by Jose Gutierrez, CSP (View all posts by Jose)
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I heard a funny story recently about a young man who needed to move a large lounge chair out of his apartment. The chair wasn’t too heavy, so he figured he could take care of it on his own. After …  Read more …

Airborne Contaminants: Defining the Terms

- November 5, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM (View all posts by Glen)
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Airborne contaminants can present a significant threat to your team’s health and safety. When determining which control measures to use to protect you and your workers from airborne contaminants, its important to first identify and understand them.  In part one …  Read more …