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May 2014

Look Out (Above) for Overhead Electrical Power Lines

- May 30, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM (View all posts by Glen)
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When evaluating outdoor work, don’t forget to consider that a hazard could be lurking from above: electrocution from overhead electrical power transmission lines.  Due to the high voltages involved, overhead power lines are to be considered uninsulated.  If equipment that …  Read more …

Identify and Analyze Your Potential Risk with a Job Safety Analysis

- May 26, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a simple but comprehensive way to identify hazards and potential unsafe procedures most likely to occur in a specific task or job. This analysis can be used to reduce hazards and to train workers …  Read more …

What can I do to prevent an OSHA inspection?

- May 23, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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What can I do to prevent an OSHA inspection?  This is a question that nearly every employer wonders about.  Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is: Nothing.  However, you can reduce your odds of having an OSHA inspection by …  Read more …

Temporary Employees: Who records their injuries and illnesses?

- May 19, 2014 by Thomas Jolliff, ARM, CEES, ALCM (View all posts by Thomas)
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The question of safety responsibility for temporary employees has been discussed for years, and now OSHA has weighed in to help clear up the confusion with their Temporary Worker Initiative. Whether you are the employer (host) or the staffing agency, …  Read more …

Chemical Exposure Protection – More than just safety glasses

- May 16, 2014 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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Providing personal protective equipment to employees exposed to chemicals is more than just handing out safety glasses.  Your employees are not protected unless you are providing them with the proper personal protective equipment.   Recently, I was talking to a customer …  Read more …

Poison Ivy-It’s out to get you (and me)!

- May 9, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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Like many homeowners, I recently inspected my property to see what survived the winter.  I figured I could enjoy one of the few spring-like days we’ve seen recently and ventured outside to do some yard work.  Unfortunately, all of the …  Read more …