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Who is Responsible for Temporary Workers?

- October 6, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

What are the correct procedures for training temporary workers? Do they follow the same rules as regular employees?  Often times, they are not given adequate safety training for their respective job duties. Staffing agencies and employers are jointly responsible for providing a safe work environment. This includes fulfilling OSHA’s training, hazard communication and record keeping requirements.

Here are some guidelines for working with temp agencies:

  • Maintaining communication between the agency and the host employer to make sure the necessary training is provided is of utmost importance
  • Staffing agencies should ask about the conditions of the employer’s workplace, to ensure they are sending their worker to a safe environment
  • Staffing agencies should be familiar with what hazards exist at their client’s workplace, and determine how best to ensure the safety of their workers
  • In regards to safety training and protection, host employers must treat temporary employees like any other employee.

A typical contract with a staffing agency specifies which entity will provide workers’ compensation insurance for the individual. Make sure that you have taken the appropriate steps if you are responsible. It is important to check with your staffing agency to make sure that one of you is covering the temporary employees’ workers’ compensation insurance.

For more information, check out OSHA’s article on Protecting Temporary Workers.


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