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Visitor Safety Policy

- September 19, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

You’ve done a great job training your staff on safety expectation, you’ve even read our blog about training temporary employees, but what about guests on your property? Visitors need to be informed of your safety expectations. Visitors includes anyone who comes onto your property from the HVAC repairman to the vending machine delivery person. Salespeople or customers who tour your facility should also know your policies.

An easy way to ensure that all visitors are informed is to create a written document for them to review. It should not be more than one or two pages long but should include at the very least the following information:

  • Procedures for checking in and security (badges)
  • Smoking, Drug, Alcohol, and Firearm policy
  • Accident/incident policy
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal protection requirements
  • Policy regarding cellphone use
  • Procedure for confined space entry, lockout/tagout, hot work permit
  • Hazard communication (MSDS) requirements, container labels
  • Company owned equipment/tools policy
  • Facility or grounds map with parking areas, emergency shelter, and evacuation areas marked.

Every operation will have a unique set of visitor rules. You should never rely on your visitors’ common sense to keep them safe. Communicating your company rules is essential to maintaining a safe work environment for all.