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Top Eight Safety Tips for Portable Chainsaws

- June 1, 2017 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

If you’ve ever seen a horror movie that takes place in the Lone Star State, you know firsthand how much damage a chainsaw can inflict when handled dangerously. Keep these eight safety tips top of mind BEFORE you cut to keep your work space from looking like a masked psycho has struck again.

1. Know the chainsaw that you will be using.

  • Read the operator’s manual before starting or servicing the chainsaw. The manufacturer is responsible for providing the correct safe operating procedures for the saw, but YOU are responsible for the execution.
  • 2. Check the fuel level and mixture depending upon the type of fuel needed.

    3. Referring again to the operator’s manual, determine what type of personal protective equipment is needed.

    • Examples include cut-resistant chaps and gloves, safety glasses or goggles, ear protection, hard hats, as well as slip and cut-resistant boots.
    • 4. Look at the area near and around the “cutting site,” and remove debris that can “snag” the cut.
      5. You are the boss. Have control of the saw at all times.

      • Hold the saw firmly but not to the extent that if affects blood circulation or cramping.  Lifting and operating the saw above shoulder level, over an extended period, will increase the chances of a strain and, at very least, fatigue.
      • 6. Try to keep the saw moving, but understand that “kickback” can occur.

        • Do not force the cut. If force is required on the bar during the cut, then the chain is dull and needs sharpening.
        • 7. Always shut off the saw before putting it down once finished.
          8. Maintenance should be performed once the saw is turned off and in a stable location.

          • Lubricate, sharpen, and adjust the chain as often as necessary.

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