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Technology Distractions

- February 17, 2014 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

Cell phones and head phones in the workplace – NOT a good idea!

Operating a machine or forklift requires concentration, focus and awareness of constantly changing surroundings. Talking on a cell phone or listening to head phones can take your focus away from the task at hand and increase the risk of accidents.  When operating a motor vehicle, a person is four times more likely to be in an accident when talking on a cell phone. Similar correlations can be made while operating machinery.

Production Floor guidelines:

  • Phones should be left in a safe place.  Remove the temptation to check texts messages or talk on the phone.
  • If music is allowed on the production floor, the sound must be kept at a reasonable volume and listened to without head phones.  The volume of the music should be quiet enough so that you can hold a conversation without shouting.
  • Use your voice mail: Change your voicemail message letting others know that during your work hours you cannot always respond to messages quickly.
  • Set up an auto response for text messages: Many smart phones have locations settings and can be programmed to send an automated response informing people you are unavailable.
  • Provide your company’s emergency number to important people: In an emergency, your loved ones can call the business phone number to reach you.  The workplace emergency number should be provided to important people such as children’s school and baby-sitters.