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Safety Sound Off – Machine Safety Part 2

- September 26, 2019 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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This edition of Safety Sound off is part two of Rob’s discusses with Leslie about machine safety with ICW Group Technical Specialist, Leslie Stoll.   In Part 2, Leslie and Rob discuss guarding ceiling fans, light curtains, and guarding saw blades. …  Read more …

Machine Safeguarding Series – Part 4: Rollformers/Rollbenders and Turning Machines

- September 15, 2017 by Philip Bivens, CSP (View all posts by Philip)
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This is the fourth and final blog in the machine safeguarding series. This blog will discuss rollformers/rollbenders and turning machines. Rollers Rollformer machines’ primary function is metal bending, rolling and shaping functions. Rollformers bend a continuous strip of metal gradually …  Read more …

Machine Safeguarding Series – Part 2: Performing a Risk Assessment and Determining Controls

- August 23, 2017 by Philip Bivens, CSP (View all posts by Philip)
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Welcome to the second blog in our four part series on machine safeguarding. In the first blog, we covered some of the basics of machine guarding. Here, we’ll focus on how to recognize hazards and performing a risk assessment Risk …  Read more …

A Heads Up to Lumber Yards

- May 4, 2017 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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If you own, work or have your employees purchase materials from a lumber yard, then you’ll want to review this. Lumber yards possess a variety of hazards and safety challenges, and OSHA is taking notice! Below, are the most common …  Read more …