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Carbon Monoxide – an Invisible Danger

- December 21, 2018 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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Winter is here and in much of the country that means cold weather. Often, this also means that doors will be closed to conserve heat. Gasoline and diesel-powered motor vehicles, forklift trucks, air compressors, space heaters and pressure washers may remain operational—production …  Read more …

Five Tips on What to Do To Protect your Business From the Cold and Flu

- February 8, 2016 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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The cold and flu season can affect your injury rates, work comp costs and erode you’re bottom line  It’s no wonder, employers lose $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity. When employees come to work under the weather, they’re fatigued …  Read more …