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Springtime = Carefree Attitudes & Careless Behavior

- March 8, 2014 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

Springtime means flowers, birds, sunshine, and warmth.   But it can also mean injuries when spring fever and carefree attitudes lead to careless behaviors.

For most of the country this has been one of the worst winters on record.  It has left many of us with bad attitudes and little tolerance for bad weather.  As your employees’ minds wander with springtime thoughts, you need to keep them focused on their safety.   Below are some springtime safety considerations:

  • Daytime melting leads to nighttime ice.  Don’t put away that bag of ice melt until it stays above freezing after dark.  If employees are starting before sunrise or leaving after dark, make sure that parking lots and exits are salted because melting snow piles will leave puddles that freeze once temperatures drop.
  • Look at your building’s downspouts and make sure they are directed away from commonly traveled areas to prevent puddles.
  • Repair potholes in your parking lots and cracks in your sidewalks as soon as weather permits.   Call a qualified contractor soon to get on their busy schedule.
  • Muddy shoes will lead to messy buildings.    Do you have enough rugs to keep the floors clean?  Are there areas on your property that are a messy mud pit?  Placing cones or a barrier around the mud is smart.  Employees are likely to take the quickest route into work regardless of the ground condition.
  • Footwear is still important.  Once it’s warm, most people pack up their winter boots.  Are your sales and delivery people wearing appropriate shoes for springtime?
  • Drivers need training.   Streets that flood from heavy springtime rains or rapidly melting snow are dangerous. Weather.com has helpful information on their website on the dangers of floods.
  • Road closures can cause delays.  Keep track of daily road closures in your area by searching for your local Department of Transportation website.


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