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Safety Training – What Type of Learners are Your Employees?

- November 16, 2017 by Jason Rozar (View all posts by Jason)

Did you see an ocean of blank stares in the audience the last time you conducted training on a new process, chemical or piece of equipment? Was your team fully engaged and active in the discussion?

If you saw mostly stares, you’re not alone.

When it comes to employee training, audiences typically consist of three types of learners:

    1. Visual – they learn best by seeing/reading;
    2. Verbal – they learn best by hearing;
    3. Kinetic – they learn best by hands-on demonstrations.
    4. Unless trainers incorporate all three learning styles into their presentations, blank stares will continue to be the norm, and their important safety messages will continue to fall short of their intended objective.

      So remember, during training sessions:

          • Show your employees images to convey your messages. Use charts, photos, and illustrations whenever possible.
          • Explain what they will learn. Follow up with the concepts and the instructions. Finish by summarizing them what they learned. Keep messages clear, short and concise.
          • Have your employees complete the hands-on steps. Be sure they practice the skills that they will be required to do after the training session.
          • Do you have any tips you’d like to share?  If so, leave us a note in the comment section below.