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Safe + Sound Week is Here!

- August 13, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

OSHA’s Safe + Sound week is here! Safe + Sound runs August 13-19, 2018. This annual event is designed to increase safety awareness at all levels of an organization from senior management to the front line worker. Just like the Stand-down for safety week in May, OSHA has developed three areas of focus – Management Leadership, Workers Participation and Finding and Fixing Hazards. OSHA highly encourages business take on activities that promote safety in one or all of these areas.

Here are some ideas are listed below:

Activities for management and leadership include delivering a safety a and health message to employees, being present on the production floor or attending a safety meeting, issuing a press release to formally publish the companies commitment to safety or simply putting a note in everyone paycheck to encourage safe behaviors at work and at home.

Employee activities includes anything that will heighten their engagement in safety like being more deliberate in asking for safety feedback, empowering workers by tasking them with developing safety solutions, recognizing outstanding safety behaviors, and partnering with key employees to develop plans for the rest of the year to get more employee involvement.

Finding and Fixing Hazards is the simplest because many of us do it as part of our normal safety routine. But to change things up a little, can you involve new people? Maybe a leader from department A would enjoy a tour of Department B and vice versa. Perhaps the President of the company hasn’t been on the floor for a while and would like to find and fix some hazards. Each new person has a new set up eye and will probably find something new. You can also change things up by doing your inspections differently, Try walking the department in the opposite direction as usual or focus on the areas under the machinery or on the ground, or focus on things above up head. Changing your few just a little can change your results drastically.

If you decide to formally participate in the program you can let OSHA know by signing up on the OSHA website and downloading a certificate to post on your safety board. We’d also love to hear about your successes. Please let your ICW Group Risk Manager know or email us a note about your experience at mysafetynews@icwgroup.com.


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