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Hierarchy of Hazard Control: Part 1

- October 12, 2018 by Robert Harrington
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Hierarchy of hazard control is used to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards. The controls are ranked by strength to help people make the best decision possible when trying to control hazards in the workplace. The controls include Elimination, Engineering, …  Read more …

Follow up is the key to success with employee training

- October 8, 2018 by Tom Jolliff, ARM, ALCM
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I’ve been reading a lot of Ken Blanchard’s leadership material lately and it has made me realize that what Ken teaches about leadership and management style can be applied to supervisors and managers who are responsible for safety training. Too …  Read more …

Hazard Communication – 2012 Changes You May Have Missed

- September 24, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM
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Back in 2012, changes to the OSHA hazard communication standard went into effect. The change aligned the standard with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS,) which is an international approach to Hazard Communication. The reason for the change was to bring the United …  Read more …

Digging Deeper – an aMAZEing Time

- September 20, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM
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Accident investigation is key to preventing future incidents. In my blogs, I discussed the red flags of an incomplete investigation and the importance of digging deeper during an investigation to find the real cause. Now, I’ll put those ideas into …  Read more …

Visitor Safety Policy

- September 19, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM
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You’ve done a great job training your staff on safety expectation, you’ve even read our blog about training temporary employees, but what about guests on your property? Visitors need to be informed of your safety expectations. Visitors includes anyone who …  Read more …

Digging Deeper – A Closer Look Into Accident Investigations

- September 14, 2018 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM
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Accident investigation is key to preventing future accidents in your workplace. When a near miss or accident occurs, do you investigate to determine why the accident occurred so the issue can be addressed?  Many organizations do an investigation, but do …  Read more …