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Resolution #10: Track Safety Successes – Find the Positive

- December 18, 2017 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

I had a conversation with some employees in a training class this week. They were all complaining about their GPS Systems in their company provided vehicles and how they get called into their supervisor’s office if their name hit the weekly violation list. The reason someone makes the “list” included driving over the maximum allowed speed for more than 2 minutes, idling too long in one place, hard stopping, and more.

Making the list didn’t have any consequences except having to meet with the supervisor, so employees saw it as a nuisance. The meeting was not enough to really change any driving behaviors because they believed their violations were justified.

With an employee like this, focusing on the positive would be a better option than serving up more severe discipline. I’m not a GPS expert, but I figure, that if GPS software can run a list of violators, it can also run a list of non-violators (and if it can’t, you can compare lists on your own). I believe that if the supervisors of these same drivers met with them to acknowledge their safe driving when they did not have any weekly violations, those conversations would go a lot farther in motivating the drivers to continue to drive safely and avoid risky behaviors.

Focusing on the positive works on construction sites, retail stores, manufacturing environments, office settings. You can get started today by simply acknowledging things such as:

    • Good housekeeping
    • Clear exits
    • Wet floor signs up
    • Proper personal protective equipment worn
    • Using the right tool for the job

If you haven’t already started focusing on the good things happening around your company when it comes to safety, make this resolution your first one for 2018. Not only will you see improvements in safety, but you will see a happier workforce as the compliments continue and the culture of positivity grows.