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Reducing the Impact of Automobile Accidents for your Incidental Driving Exposure

- May 12, 2016 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

With so many external competing variables, incidental driving is one of the most hazardous tasks for employees.  Whether it be running a business errand, like going to the bank, dropping off mail at the post office or delivering a rush order to a customer, driving-for-work is an exposure that needs to be controlled.  One way to eliminate the risk—stop having all employees drive vehicles.

However, I understand that is not practical, so managers need to consider ways to reduce the frequency of driving, likelihood of an accident and the severity if/when one occurs.  Below are some ideas that may work for reducing your company’s exposure to motor vehicle accidents when running business errands.

Frequency: Are employees driving only when necessary?

  • Set a time to run all your weekly errands thus avoiding multiple quick trips
  • Use a bank that is closer to your location
  • Have items picked up by a courier rather making a delivery

Likelihood:  Do vehicle conditions make it more likely to have an incident? Are driver behaviors making its more likely?  Is traffic making it more likely?

  • Schedule a preventive maintenance program
  • Train staff on defensive driving and enforce a hands free cell phone policy
  • Choose routes with the least potential for accidents –  avoiding left turns, avoiding traffic
  • Limit the number of employee who can drive for company business and ensure they have safe driving record

Severity:  Since driving is unavoidable, and many accidents may not even be your team members’ fault, take actions to reduce the impact of an accident.

  • Require that your drivers always wear seatbelts
  • Purchase new vehicles with airbags and excellent crash test ratings

Do you have an exposure your company’s struggling to get under control? Let us know, and we’ll dedicate an upcoming blog to that topic.


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