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OSHA Top Ten List for 2017 Released

- October 6, 2017 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

OSHA announced its top ten list of most frequent citations for 2017 at the National Safety Congress and Expo in September. The National Safety Council covered the story on their website, but since this data can help our policyholders find a focus area for their companies, we wanted to share it here as well.

You’ll notice the list includes standards from the general industry regulations (1910) and the construction regulations (1926). As you review the list, please take special note of those that apply to your area but don’t bypass the others. In most situations, similar standards are in place for the other group.

  1. Fall Protection (1926.501) – 6,072
  2. Hazard Communication (1910.1200) – 4,176
  3. Scaffolding (1926.451) – 3,288
  4. Respirator Protection (1910.134) – 3,097
  5. Lockout/Tagout (1910.147) – 2,877
  6. Ladders (1926.1053) – 2,241
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178) – 2,162
  8. Machine Guarding (1910.212) – 1,933
  9. Fall Protection – Training Requirements (1926.503) – 1,523
  10. 10. Electrical – Wiring Methods (1910.305) – 1,405

If you see any areas that you know your company has an exposure to, it’s a good idea to update your written program and conduct an audit to confirm that the practices taking place concur with the procedures you have in writing. If you find discrepancies, employee retraining is necessary.

If you need more help, contact your ICW Group Risk Management Consultant who can point you in the right direction.