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Improve safety with an app

- March 21, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

The technology revolution has provided increased safety efficiencies through the use of tablet and smart phone applications.  Utilizing applications to identify and correct workplace hazards leads to safer workplaces by improving internal communication.

With the use of an internet ready smart phone or tablet you can complete safety inspections, accident investigations, heat index calculations, sound level measurements, access OSHA regulations and other specific task related calculations while out in the field.

By utilizing a field device application, you can successfully document the activity and notify all affected parties in real time.  This type of immediate notification leads to safer workplaces.

The following applications are great examples of safety resources:

  • iAuditor –  used to develop custom safety inspection, audit and/or accident investigation report templates
  • SoundMeter –  provides sound level measurements to determine if a dosimetry survey is warranted
  • Heat Safety Tool – OSHA application used to calculate heat index

There are also applications available for Hoisting & Rigging, Fire Protection, Electrical Safety, and Trenching & Shoring.  In addition, there are applications that link directly into OSHA and NIOSH regulatory sites.

A smartphone or tablet outfitted with a camera can be used to take video or pictures of workplace activities to identify risk exposures and make improvements.

By switching to an electronic application format to conduct safety activities, you can save valuable time by completing your assessments in the field in real time and notifying affected parties.  This can allow you more time to concentrate on resolving safety issues and developing a safe and healthful workplace.

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