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Identify and Analyze Your Potential Risk with a Job Safety Analysis

- May 26, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a simple but comprehensive way to identify hazards and potential unsafe procedures most likely to occur in a specific task or job. This analysis can be used to reduce hazards and to train workers in “safe” procedures.

A JSA is an essential part of an effective risk control program and should be the first step taken when creating a new job or task. The best way to safely perform a job can be determined only by carefully studying each task involved.

Job Safety Analysis serves two valuable purposes. It provides a systematic means of taking advantage of workers previous experience and knowledge to establish safe work procedures and promotes employee involvement in establishing safety awareness while it develops safe work practices. To accomplish these objectives requires:

  • A plan to analyze a job task on a regular basis;
  • An action plan to control hazards with implementation of the plan on a timely basis;
  • A supervisor’s review of the results of all the JSAs covering job task they supervise;
  • A supervisor’s review of a copy of all approved safe job procedures developed as a result of JSA;
  • Workers trained with the findings of the JSA both initially and each time the task is analyzed;
  • Supervisor observation of the workers to make sure that safe work practices are followed;
  • Supervisors have the authority and responsibility to enforce safe practices;
  • Statistical data, accident experience, management and employee experience used to develop the sequence in which the job task is analyzed.

The person conducting the JSA must be qualified and practical in assessing each job task. The person must follow a management approved breakdown of each job analyzed.

As the JSA is conducted, it is important to search for the hazards of each task whether produced by the environment or connected with the job procedure. When properly completed, this will assist you in making the entire job safer and more efficient.

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