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How to Dress for Success in Any Type of Weather

- February 12, 2019 by Asher Sweet (View all posts by Asher)

No matter what the weather, there’s a tried and true formula to keep yourself safe and comfortable. This formula is composed of three parts: wick, insulate and protect.


The wicking layer should be the first layer on the skin. This layer is designed to pull the moisture away from your body to keep you dry and improve your ability to cool. Most technical fabrics (Nike, Adidas, Columbia, etc.) have been weaved in a way that increases the surface area of the fabric than that of the skin it’s covering. During the summer this keeps you cool as the sweat evaporates away. In the winter this helps keep you dry, so you stay warm.


This layer is used to act as a buffer between the other two. Here is where you want to wear wool or other thicker fabrics. This layer traps the heat and reflects it back to the body. During the summer you may not need this layer unless you work in areas that have a high amount of radiant heat (kilns, fires, sun) then you may want a thin layer insulating you from the heat.


This layer acts as the shield, preventing the wind, snow, and rain from getting in. This can be raincoats, winter coats, or thick duck cloth. This can also be your boots, keeping your feet dry but wool socks keep them warm. During the summer months, this can be arm sleeves to keep the sunrays off of you.

With this formula, and knowing your clothes, you can dress for success for any type of weather!