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Halloween Safety Tips – On and Off the Job

- October 27, 2017 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

Common sense should mean that on Halloween, employees driving in residential areas will pay closer attention to their driving. But common sense doesn’t always prevail. Safety training should be conducted on Halloween as a reminder to all employees.

Remind drivers to:

    1. Drive slowly.
    2. Don’t assume pedestrian see you or will stop for you.
    3. Don’t back your vehicle up after trick or treaters are on the prowl unless you have a spotter outside of your vehicle to watch for kids.
    4. Don’t pass a stopped vehicle on Halloween. You don’t know why its stopped and could risk running into a child.
    5. Stay off the phone and control your other distractions.

A reminder to parents to help drivers keep everyone safe:

      1. Head out before dark if possible.
      2. Take a flash light, glow stick, or have reflective tape on costumes.
      3. Stay in a group -  Drivers are more likely to see a group then a single child.
      4. Use cross walks is available or cross at intersections.
      5. Obey traffic signals.

Happy Halloween!

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