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Follow up is the key to success with employee training

- October 8, 2018 by Thomas Jolliff, ARM, ALCM (View all posts by Thomas)

I’ve been reading a lot of Ken Blanchard’s leadership material lately and it has made me realize that what Ken teaches about leadership and management style can be applied to supervisors and managers who are responsible for safety training.

Too often, companies train their employees, but fail to follow up on whether the employees truly understood what was discussed, or why a particular rule or process was being implemented.

Afterward, when there is a lack of buy-in to the training, or worse, someone is injured because they did not heed the training, supervisors and managers often end up frustrated, wanting to discipline employees for not following safety procedures.

This can all be avoided if supervisors and managers understand the importance of monitoring team members after training. This does not mean monitoring them a week later, but rather, day-to-day, until they see that everyone is showing competence, understanding and commitment.

A good example of this is hearing protection, more specifically, ear plugs.

Team members are typically told they have to wear hearing protection to protect their hearing; but if we do not explain why, and more importantly, how, to properly insert ear plugs, chances are we will not get commitment to the policy (we’ve all seen employees’ ear plugs barely inserted, dangling from their ears).

The next time you walk through your facility and see team members not wearing their PPE, or observe other break downs in policy, go back to the basics. Retrain and coach; but this time, ask questions, closely monitor team members to insure competence and commitment, and lastly, praise, praise, praise positive behavior.

Here is a great video explaining the proper way to insert an earplug.

How To Insert Foam Earplugs


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