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Don’t Fall for the Anti-Slip Myth

- January 20, 2018 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)

Problem: Slippery Floors

Solution: Anti-Slip Footwear… Right?

WRONG! Anti-Slip Footwear is only part of a full slip prevention plan. The anti-slip design is only functional if the sole is clean and well maintained and the floor surface is also properly cleaned and maintained.

Proper Footwear Maintenance

To properly maintain the footwear, the soles should be brushed free of dirt and debris and cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the anti-slip properties.  A buildup of grease, dirt and debris will clog the crevices on the sole and make it one solid surface with nowhere for the water or new grease on the floor to go when walking. Cleaning the soles of the shoes after each shift and only wearing the anti-slip shoes at work will keep them in good working order. Additionally, anti-slip footwear won’t be effective on floors with too much grease/oil build up or floor cleaner/degreaser residue.

Helpful Tips

Follow these tips for a more effective slip prevention program:

  • Practice a regular floor cleaning plan with scheduled sweeping and mopping will help keep the surfaces in top shape.
  • Use only the recommended amount of floor degreaser or cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer when mopping. Using too much cleaner or degreaser leaves a residue that can make the floors even more slippery.
  • Follow manufacturers instructions for cleaners.
  • Use a clean mop head. Using a dirty mop head, cold and dirty water only spreads the grease or oil coating the floor even further, often times taking it from the area where there is oil such as a kitchen into an area where there wasn’t any to start with, such as a restroom or entryway.

Enacting these tips will help keep the floors and footwear working together to keep everyone on their feet. Stay tuned for my next blog on floor mats!

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