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Dear Mom, I’m sorry…

- December 24, 2012 by Leslie Stoll, CSP, ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

One company who was having trouble getting employees to wear their safety glasses, decided to get creative.  When someone is caught not wearing their glasses, they are asked to write a letter to their mother, spouse, or child apologizing for choosing not to work safely and listing some of the things they would miss out on. The letter is kept on file – “In Case of Emergency”. 

If I actually had an eye injury from not wearing my safety glasses, I certainly would be an inconvenience to my family.  I’d hate to think of the difficult times they would face. 

To my knowledge, no letters have ever been delivered; perhaps the simple threat of reality was enough.  (I know just the idea of my mom coming to live with me makes me work safely!)

I think the letter writing makes offenders take ownership of their behavior. 

Do you think this tactic is effective?  Love to hear any opinions or variations on the idea.