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Safety at Home: Whole at Work, Whole at Home

- December 20, 2017 by Asher Sweet (View all posts by Asher)
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“If they are not at work, it’s not my problem.” “Off the job safety? That doesn’t make me money.” These are just a few of the replies I often hear when asking if employers have an off-the-job safety program. But …  Read more …

Tick, Tick, Tick Part 4 – Symptoms of Tickborne Illness

- August 22, 2017 by Mike Pettit (View all posts by Mike)
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Over the course of this blog series regarding ticks, we covered the types and geographical locations of ticks, how to avoid and prevent tick bites and how to find and remove ticks. In the last blog of the series, I’ll …  Read more …

Tick, Tick, Tick Part 3 – How To Find And Remove Ticks

- August 9, 2017 by Mike Pettit (View all posts by Mike)
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In the previous blogs, we addressed the types and geographic distribution of ticks, and how to avoid and prevent tick bites. In this blog, I’lladdress how to find and remove ticks from our bodies. Finding Ticks – Immediate Efforts Recommended …  Read more …

Tick, Tick, Tick Part 1 – Types and Locations in North America

- July 31, 2017 by Mike Pettit (View all posts by Mike)
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Welcome to the first edition of our Tick, Tick, Tick blog series. Outdoor workers face a slew of hazards on the job. Beyond severe weather and extreme temperatures, an additional concern may be present: ticks. According to NIOSH, ticks may …  Read more …

Combating Workplace Fatigue

- July 5, 2017 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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As a general rule, summer can be a very busy time of year. Not only do some industries ramp up production in the summer, but many people are staying out late enjoying the sunshine after work, partaking in the warm weather …  Read more …

Heat and Hydration: How You Can Prevent Heat Illness

- June 23, 2017 by Paula Tetrault (View all posts by Paula)
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Summer is here and as temperatures rise, we all start thinking about heat and hydration. But it’s really something we should keep in mind every day! The average field, construction or factory worker finds nothing rewarding about becoming dehydrated and …  Read more …