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Help Prevent the Welder Shuffle

- May 2, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP (View all posts by Dan)
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If you have worked construction, or in a manufacturing facility with welding going on, I’m sure you have witnessed the “Welder Shuffle.” If you aren’t familiar, it’s the panicked dance someone does when a piece of molten metal (usually slag) …  Read more …

Spring Cleaning – How is your PPE?

- March 28, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP (View all posts by Dan)
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Regardless of what your company does, summer is normally a very busy time of year. Things such as inventory, scheduled maintenance and updating equipment are best done before the busy season starts. Often personal protective equipment (PPE) isn’t figured into the …  Read more …

Eyewash Stations – Where to Place Them, and How Many You Should Have

- September 12, 2016 by Steve Medellin (View all posts by Steve)
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Consider this scenario You are working with a harsh acid without eye protection, some splashes in your eye—all you see is blindness and all you feel is burning.    You need to get to the eye wash station ASAP.  Can you remember …  Read more …

Who has to complete a hazard assessment?

- February 23, 2015 by Steve Medellin (View all posts by Steve)
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As a prior OSHA enforcement officer I have conducted many inspections of jobsites and shops for various industries to view their operations.  Prior to commencing, I would usually ask two Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) related questions: What PPE must I …  Read more …

Here’s Your Equipment… Now What?

- January 23, 2015 by Tom Jolliff, ARM, ALCM (View all posts by Tom)
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On a recent vacation in Colorado, our family practiced the age-old risk management hazard control techniques of avoidance and substitution to ensure we did not get injured skiing. In place of the slopes, we substituted snow shoeing. The experience was …  Read more …

Bloodborne Pathogens: It’s Not Just For Hospital Workers! (Part II)

- January 19, 2015 by Tom Keel (View all posts by Tom)
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In my last blog, I dispelled the myth that bloodborne pathogens are limited to the medical industry by identifying a variety of occupations that are also exposed to blood-borne pathogens.  In addition to needles, syringes, and other typical hospital exposures, …  Read more …