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Be an Influencer in 2018

- December 29, 2017 by Thomas Jolliff, ARM, CEES, ALCM (View all posts by Thomas)

Our Risk Management consultants started a book club in 2017 with the purpose of supporting our commitment to customer experience, and risk reduction outcome.

We did this as a team, 45 strong. Everyone rowing in the same direction with one simple objective – to learn. Learn, and become better, so that we can make our customers better and employees safer.

Our first book, Influencer, took us on a journey of discovery, dissecting the norms and behaviors that influence every-day decision making. The authors wrote of personal motivation, social motivation and structural motivation, and how influencing vital behaviors play a key role in attaining change in an organization.

A vital behavior, as described in Influencer is that crucial moment when a behavior puts success at risk. Or, in our world, puts employee safety at risk.

From a workers’ compensation insurance standpoint, where frequency and severity drive premium costs, an organization must understand, above all, what is driving their losses. We call this “major loss sources” or risk exposure areas. Once these loss sources are identified, work can begin on identifying the vital behaviors (crucial moments) that contribute to a decision/behavior that resulted in an accident.

As you enter 2018, whether you are starting a new policy year on January 1, or whether you are half way through your current policy period, be resolute in your efforts to identify vital employee behaviors that may be busting your safety culture.

Need assistance identifying your major loss sources or vital employee behaviors? Contact your ICW Group Risk Management Consultant, and let us help you influence your loss results in 2018.