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Paula Tetrault

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Paula joined ICW Group in 2014 and provides risk management services in Georgia and Tennessee. Paula assists clients across a spectrum of industries, including trucking, warehouse and distribution, construction, manufacturing, healthcare/homecare, fast food/restaurant and hospitality. Paula has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has an Associate in Risk Management (ARM). She is a member of ASSP – American Society of Safety Professionals. Paula also serves as a member of ICW Group’s Ergonomics committee.

Posts by Paula...

Eye Protection

August 20, 2019 by Paula Tetrault Comments off

There is, without a doubt, a wide variety of personal equipment available to help protect your eyes. But how do you know which type is best for the job? Different types of hazards may require different types of protection, including …  Read more …

Falls: A Workplace Hazard

January 31, 2018 by Paula Tetrault No comments

In 2016, 19% of all injuries reported in general industry were the result of falls, slips or trips and most of these accidents are preventable. Falls to a lower level accounted for 81% of all fatal falls. Of those cases …  Read more …

Reducing Material Handling Claims in the Workplace

October 18, 2017 by Paula Tetrault No comments

Do you know what the leading cause of workers compensation claims is each year and one of the most costly? Injuries related to manual material handling and strains and sprains. In fact, manual material handling injuries account for nearly one-third …  Read more …

Heat and Hydration: How You Can Prevent Heat Illness

June 23, 2017 by Paula Tetrault No comments

Summer is here and as temperatures rise, we all start thinking about heat and hydration. But it’s really something we should keep in mind every day! The average field, construction or factory worker finds nothing rewarding about becoming dehydrated and …  Read more …

Don’t be Caught in a Pinch – Grip!

February 21, 2017 by Paula Tetrault No comments

We take so many things for granted each day. However, the ability to grasp and handle objects is something we rarely ever consider. We hardly take the time to think about how we are gripping an object. Until one day, …  Read more …

Vehicle Safety – Tire Talk

November 10, 2016 by Paula Tetrault No comments

Now that football season is well underway many of us have strong opinions on “deflategate,” Tom Brady, and the proper inflation point of footballs.  Since that subject has been covered over and over and over, let’s talk Tire Pressure – …  Read more …