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Mark Yeck

Mark Yeck

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Mark joined the ICW Group in 2016 and services Central LA/Southern California Region. Mark has experience in a variety of industries including; chemical, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and Fed OSHA. He has worked in both construction and general industry. Mark enjoys partnering with diverse clients to develop safety culture and process improvements. Specialties include fall protection, machine guarding, lockout, and process safety.

Posts by Mark...

Cumulative Trauma – Steps to Reduce Claim Frequency and Risk

March 6, 2019 by Mark Yeck Comments off

Cumulative Trauma (CT) Disorder is a difficult and complicated topic. CT claims account for a large volume of claims across all industries and are often associated with repetitive motions, high force, and awkward position tasks. Although it is difficult to …  Read more …

Machine Risk – Reducing Likelihood

February 5, 2019 by Mark Yeck No comments

Use of machines such as press brakes and mechanical power presses are still commonplace in manufacturing throughout a variety of industries. Over the decades there have been numerous improvements in safety technology available for this equipment that includes light curtains, …  Read more …

Construction Fall Prevention – Non-Routine Fall Protection

May 8, 2018 by Mark Yeck No comments

During work at heights, non-routine fall hazards are often overlooked in job plans, fall protection plans, and Job Safety Analysis. This can include transitioning from one working level to another before the working levels are finished (and guarded) or leading edge …  Read more …

Safe Handling Practice – Chlorine Cylinder Change Out

March 9, 2018 by Mark Yeck No comments

The changing out of gas cylinders in some industries is a somewhat routine event. Spent cylinders are shut off, disconnected and removed from manifolds. New cylinders are reinstalled, checked for leaks and turned on. This work is often done by …  Read more …

How to Implement a Near Miss Reporting Program

January 24, 2017 by Mark Yeck No comments

Events are happening every day at facilities throughout the US that employers are not aware of. These events are close calls where something occurs and almost causes an accident, injury, property damage, or could have caused a fatality. Another term …  Read more …