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Glen O'Rourke, ALCM

Glen O'Rourke, ALCM

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Glen joined the ICW Group in 2000 and services Northern California. He is a certified OSHA 500 trainer, and specializes in construction, transportation, hospitality, and fire protection.

Posts by Glen...

Preventing Accidents in Non-Routine Tasks

January 31, 2017 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

Nearly all organizations must occasionally have non-routine tasks performed. In this case, a “non-routine task” is a task that is performed no more than once per year. These tasks can include specialized maintenance of equipment or storage vessels (tanks, silos, …  Read more …

Airborne Contaminants: The Hazards Present

November 17, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

In part two of my series on airborne contaminants, I will be reviewing the hazards associated with each contaminant. As a reminder, I discussed the five basic types of airborne contaminants – dust, fume, vapor mist, and gas – in …  Read more …

Airborne Contaminants: Defining the Terms

November 5, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

Airborne contaminants can present a significant threat to your team’s health and safety. When determining which control measures to use to protect you and your workers from airborne contaminants, its important to first identify and understand them.  In part one …  Read more …

Look Out (Above) for Overhead Electrical Power Lines

May 30, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

When evaluating outdoor work, don’t forget to consider that a hazard could be lurking from above: electrocution from overhead electrical power transmission lines.  Due to the high voltages involved, overhead power lines are to be considered uninsulated.  If equipment that …  Read more …

Vehicle Repair: Raising the Level of Safety

January 20, 2014 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

Vehicles need maintenance and repair to keep them in proper running order.  Some repairs require the person performing the maintenance/repair to access the underside of the vehicle.  A popular way to raise a vehicle for this type of work involves the …  Read more …

Secure Your Safety When Unsecuring Material

February 18, 2013 by Glen O'Rourke, ALCM No comments

Shipments of material arrive at jobs sites and factories every day.  Certain types of material that are not in containers may need to be secured (to a truck/trailer bed, pallet, or similar) for shipment.  If secured, the loads of material …  Read more …