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Glenn Ingraham MS CIH

Glenn Ingraham MS CIH

Technical Specialist

Glenn has been with ICW since October of 2015 providing safety and occupational health consultation services in the Southwest Region of the United States. As a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), he leads the ICW Industrial Hygiene Services Team which focuses on assisting policyholders with identifying and solving chemical, noise, and other physical challenges to employee health. His extensive industrial experience enables him to develop practical risk management solutions that help prevent loss and that build and maintain a competitive business advantage for our policyholders.

Posts by Glenn...

So We All Go Home Safe – Work-life Lessons

August 6, 2018 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

A good safety program identifies hazards in a task or process and then establishes proper control procedures. It’s assumed that if workers follow those procedures, the risks will be controlled, and everyone will go home safe at the end of …  Read more …

The Hidden Gems in the OSHA Silica Regulation

February 22, 2018 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

If you’re complying with the OSHA Silica Standard for Construction by following the requirements in Table 1, then congratulations!  You’re doing well.  But do you know about the two little hidden gems in the standard?  Those two requirements are connected …  Read more …

Crystalline Silica Alternatives – Making Sure the Solution doesn’t lead to Unintended Consequences

December 4, 2017 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

Crystalline Silica has been linked to serious and sometimes fatal chronic lung disease.  Safety agencies worldwide have moved to control exposure to this commonly found material by lowering exposure limits, and proposing alternatives to its use in industry. For years, …  Read more …

Chemical Inventory: An essential tool in your hazard control toolbox!

November 17, 2016 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

An accurate chemical inventory is an essential part of preventing chemical-related mishaps that can result in illness and injury, as well as property loss. To prevent injury and loss, the storage, use, and proper disposal of Hazardous chemicals must be …  Read more …

Respirator Mastery: Voluntary vs. Required Use

October 4, 2016 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

Is there a respirator in your workplace (remember that OSHA classifies dust masks as respirators)?  If so, is the respirator required to be used for a specific task or operation? Or is it there to be used for comfort purposes …  Read more …

Respiratory Mastery – The Pre-use Fit Check

September 9, 2016 by Glenn Ingraham MS CIH No comments

Airborne containments can pose a serious threat to workers’ health. To prevent injury and illness from those contaminants, employers must determine the severity of the threat, and if needed, provide controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce that threat. It …  Read more …