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Dan Heinen, ASP

Senior Risk Management Consultant

Dan Heinen services the Illinois area.

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Fall: Time Change

November 3, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP No comments

If you travel whether for work, leisure, or both, the arrival of fall brings about a multitude of distractions that we should be aware of. In this blog, I’ll focus on one: time change. Time Change Not everyone has the …  Read more …

Deer in the Fall

October 31, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP No comments

As we enter the fall season we get to enjoy the experience of empty farm fields, changes of the colors of leaves on trees. The weather cools off, leaves begin to change, crops are coming out, and animals are more …  Read more …

Is This Thing On? How to Use a Multimeter

October 23, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP No comments

Disclaimer: I’m not an electrician, I hate working with electric. I’m the type of person that will turn the main breaker to my house off if I have to rewire an outlet or replace a light fixture. The spark of …  Read more …

Flood Safety Tips

September 10, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP No comments

As we watch the news and see the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, it serves as a reminder that hurricanes not only bring lots of wind, but rain (and at usually much more than we are prepared for). As …  Read more …

Help Prevent the Welder Shuffle

May 2, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP No comments

If you have worked construction, or in a manufacturing facility with welding going on, I’m sure you have witnessed the “Welder Shuffle.” If you aren’t familiar, it’s the panicked dance someone does when a piece of molten metal (usually slag) …  Read more …

Turn Around & Don’t Drown: Flood Safety Tips

April 25, 2017 by Dan Heinen, ASP Comments off

As winter fades away, temperatures rise, and the sun shines! We can finally stop worrying about driving in snow. However, with the seasonal change comes a new situation to be aware of: flooding. As the weather gets warmer and the …  Read more …