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A Safety Consultant Lives his Dream

- February 24, 2014 by Steve Danner, CSP (View all posts by Steve)

Last June, while celebrating National Safety Month, we asked our ICW Group risk management consultants how they ended up in the safety field. We will continue to share their stories over the next few months. Here is Steve Danner’s story.

Confucius states “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I believe I chose wisely.

After graduating from the CSUS, Construction Technology program, a course that became the “grass roots” for Construction Management, I worked for a contractor as an estimator, laborer, water truck operator and surveyor. Once you enter the real workforce, you quickly learn there is a difference between being book smart and street smart. The latter can only be obtained by applying what you know to real life situations–often referred to as the school of hard knocks.

After six months of living paycheck to paycheck, I had decided to retest the college waters when I spotted an ad in the newspaper for a “Loss Control Representative at an insurance company. After five weeks and six interviews, I landed the position. When I look back over my thirty-seven years as a safety consultant, I realize I’m living my dream job.

I grew up in a family of six, three boys and three girls and, on my father’s budget, we were allowed one Christmas gift each year–which I cherished. Those years helped me understand the value of the dollar and the work required to earn it.

As a teenager, my friends always knew me as the person who would accept any dare, like being the first to jump into a lake during winter. Now as an adult and a Certified Safety Professional, before leaping, I analyze various factors like the lake temperature, wind velocity, water clarity and use of floatation devices. It was so much easier to just jump, but with years of safety experience, I no longer throw caution to the wind.

As I considered how to write about my own experience entering the safety field, I realized it truly is not the destination, but the journey we take, that defines who we are.  As for the wealth I anticipated, Wikipedia defines wealth as “the abundance of valuable resources and material possessions.” I discovered another definition of wealth in having a rich and fulfilling life. If you trust in an organization, and they learn to trust in you, and you surround yourself with colleagues who have similar beliefs and values, you may experience hunger once in a while, but you will never starve.


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