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A Heads Up to Lumber Yards

- May 4, 2017 by Bruce Logan (View all posts by Bruce)

If you own, work or have your employees purchase materials from a lumber yard, then you’ll want to review this. Lumber yards possess a variety of hazards and safety challenges, and OSHA is taking notice!

Below, are the most common safety deficiencies noted by OSHA during their on-site visits. They are based upon frequency of citations, and not on the economic severity of the citation. For lumber yard operators, this list will inform you on the areas that should be reviewed and addressed prior to an OSHA visit.

Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Training deficiencies- Untrained or poorly trained operators.  Not “certified” to operate a specific type of industrial truck
  • No back-up alarm system
  • No functional strobe light
  • Proper use of seat belts
  • Proper fuelling and storage
  • Operating the industrial truck too fast for conditions- failure to have it under control at all times

Woodworking Machinery

  • Training deficiencies- Untrained or poorly trained operators
  • Up- to- date and proper guarding of machinery
  • Proper electrical systems is place; wiring, grounding, and operational controls
  • Lock out/Tag out- Tightly written procedures with concise communications

Hazard Communications (HazCom)

  • Readily available Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Training deficiencies- Uninformed or poorly informed employees regarding
    HazCom (hazards and controls).  Training and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including “fit testing”

Our risk management consultants are available for assistance. We welcome your input and solutions of addressing these conditions.


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