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October 2014

But the Label Says….

- October 27, 2014 by Dan Heinen, ASP (View all posts by Dan)
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How many people have coffee cans in their garage with nails, screws, miscellaneous nuts and bolts in them?  Guilty as charged. They are even pretty handy when painting. Once the original contents have been used, empty bottles and containers can …  Read more …

To Temp or Not to Temp? That is the Question!

- October 24, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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As the economy continues to grow, many employers are having a greater need for temporary employees to keep up with production demands. Temporary employees are prone to injury due to a lack of industry knowledge or experience.  The primary and …  Read more …

What’s Your Sign?

- October 20, 2014 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM (View all posts by Leslie)
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Like the sign in the photo? It works – people don’t back into the large post behind them anymore. The sign’s message is clear and tells them exactly what to be careful of. It doesn’t rely on their memory to …  Read more …

I Think I am Addicted to Soda

- October 10, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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For years, doctors have been warning us with reports and studies that fountain sodas and other sugary drinks are bad for us.  Both regular and diet sodas have been linked to obesity, kidney damage, and certain cancers; regular soda has …  Read more …

Who is Responsible for Temporary Workers?

- October 6, 2014 by Guest Bloggers (View all posts by Guest)
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What are the correct procedures for training temporary workers? Do they follow the same rules as regular employees?  Often times, they are not given adequate safety training for their respective job duties. Staffing agencies and employers are jointly responsible for …  Read more …

More Accidents, Fewer Jobs

- October 3, 2014 by Leslie Stoll, CSP ARM (View all posts by Leslie)

The chain of events following an incident can lead to losing future job bids.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this worst-case, but very likely scenario of what happens to a small contractor, ABC Contracting, after a bad accident. Jimmy, an …  Read more …